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Guangxi Yulan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in Guangxi, China, the Star Anise homeland accounts for 80% of the world's Star Anise production. The company was founded at the end of 2004, and has owned 1,400 hectares Star Anise plantation, which enabling the company to have a constant and sufficient supply of good quality Star Anise Fruit.

    The business focuses of the company are on innovation, production and supply of products derived from Star Anise fruit. Our main products are essential oil and natural ingredients derived from Star Anise fruit. Products of such can be used for food, flavor, fragrance, pharmaceuticals and daily care industries. With the R&D team’s efforts and the support from national and local research institutes, we believe there will be more new products launch in the market. 
   With years of development, we aim to become one of leading companies in the Star anise industry, and develop long term relationships with our client by providing a consistently high quality products and superior services. We will carry on our commitment to better serve the industries that improve our health and daily life.


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Guangxi Yulan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Yulan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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