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EU Food Safety Authority issues guidance on food and spices

EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has issued guidance on the data needed to evaluate new food flavors and hopes to gain more experience through the assessment to determine a list of positive spices.

Arabic goods on the Maritime Silk Road - Spices

Since the Tang Dynasty, the spices produced in Mulaha and Dhofar in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula have come to Guangzhou, Quanzhou, the southern port of China, along with merchant ships. At that time, the Arabs referred to Guangzhou as “Kangxi” and Quanzhou as “Zhatong City”.

27 foods must not be added flavors and fragrances. Moon cakes will be subject to the first round of inspection.

In the midsummer summer, people who entered and exited the Hangzhou supermarket had already smelled the moon cake.

"Twelfth Five-Year Plan", China's Spice Flavor Technology Innovation seeks new breakthroughs

The spice and fragrance industry is a combination of technology and art. Perfumes are the raw materials for the preparation of fragrances.

Overview of the development of aromatic compounds

The spice and fragrance industry originated in Europe, the spices produced in Paris and Grasse in France, and the edible flavors in the Netherlands.

“Flavour free” does not mean safer

Like “preservative-free”, “fragrance-containing” has often been favored in recent years for products with “no added” as the main marketing slogan.
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