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Natural Anethole

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Product Name: Natural Anethole
Chinese name: 天然大茴香脑
Product specifications: Freezing point of 21 degrees or more, trans fennel brain content of 99.5% or more
Source of raw materials: natural octagonal fruit, extract from leaves
FEMA number: 2086
FDA number: 182.60
CoE number: 183
CAS Number: 104-46-1
Supply information
Current price: Welcome to inquire
Minimum order quantity: 200 kg
Total supply: no limit
Packing: galvanized iron drum, net weight 200 kg per drum
Shelf life: 24 months or more
Delivery period: 10 days delivery
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Physical and chemical properties: white crystalline solid, insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, melting point 23 ° C, boiling point 234 ~ 237 ° C, relative density 0.9880, refractive index 1.5600. Naturally occurring: present in essential oils of star anise and cumin. Sensory characteristics: with the smell of fennel, spice, licorice. Application recommendations: commonly used in vanilla, fennel, cherry, mint flavors. Recommended dosage: The concentration in the final flavored food is about 11 to 1500 mg/kg. Safety: China GB1886.167-2015 Approved as a food spice allowed.
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