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Star anise oil

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Product Name: Star Anise Oil
Chinese name: 八角茴香油
Product specifications: Freezing point above 15 degrees, anise brain content of 87% or more (in line with national standards)
Source of raw materials: natural octagonal fruit, leaf extraction
FEMA number: 2096
FDA number: 182.60
CoE number: 238
CAS number: 84650-59-9
Supply information
Current price: Welcome to inquire
Minimum order quantity: 200 kg
Total supply: no limit
Packing: galvanized iron drum, net weight 200 kg per drum
Shelf life: 24 months or more
Delivery period: 10 days delivery
other instructions
Product use: Star anise is a commonly used flavoring spice. Its oil is often used as a mouth perfume, mainly used to blend toothpaste, tooth powder and certain wine and food flavors; in the formulation of certain cosmetics, soap flavors Use a small amount. Used as an excitement, hurricane, and antitussive in medicine. 
Safety: China GB1886.140-2015 Approved as a permissible food flavor.
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