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Talent is the most important resource for an enterprise. Whoever has a first-class talent team can be invincible in the competition. The company has its own plans in terms of talent selection and use:


Attraction of talent


The company understands the individualization of talents and extensively absorbs technical talents, mature talents and growth talents. The company pays attention to the introduction of technical talents, through which they bring new ways of thinking to the company, enhance the innovation atmosphere of employees, and promote the transformation of original employees to creative talents. For mature talents, the company attaches great importance to their business, management capabilities and experience, and fully empowers them to apply advanced technology and management models to the company's development and to drive the growth of other employees to enhance the company's Development speed and efficiency. For growth talents, the company values ​​their plasticity and savvy, provides them with a broad space for development, and rapidly improves their business capabilities and management levels through various trainings and practices, thus becoming a new force driving the company's development. In addition, when recruiting employees and introducing talents, special attention is paid to the rationality of the age structure and appropriate rejuvenation.


Team spirit


The development, growth and success of an enterprise must not only rely on the strength of one or several outstanding figures, but must give full play to the wisdom and talents of all employees of the company, relying on the joint efforts of all employees. Only by bringing all employees together, form a team of talents with operational capabilities. The company takes the initiative to set up personnel training and development plans based on the needs of employees, and strives to cultivate its own team of part-time trainers and prepare their own training materials. Modern enterprise is an open social system. The survival and development of enterprises are influenced and restricted by various factors from the social environment. Therefore, the development of an enterprise cannot rely solely on the internal employees and resources of the enterprise, but must focus on the world and integrate all the rich resources of all aspects of human, financial, material, information and technology that are conducive to the development of the enterprise. Maximize value. The company selected the backbone to go out of the city, the state (industry) training and the introduction of external intelligence through the recruitment of experts and professors to the company guidance, lectures, etc., to introduce advanced management concepts and ideas into the company's system, thereby accelerating the pace of talent growth, It also gives the company considerable economic benefits.


Talent incentive system


In terms of talent promotion, the company strives to create a fair and transparent promotion system. Fully embody the ideas of rejuvenation, knowledge, specialization and ability to enable the general employees to enjoy the rights and opportunities to be promoted and promoted; actively carry out institutionalized and rationalized proposals, and encourage employees to think from the overall situation of enterprise development. Analyze and solve problems, so as to discover and mine talents; and to be the top talents who stand out from the conventional mechanism, boldly entrusted with heavy responsibility and further stimulated their potential. The middle management of the company is young, and one of them has just graduated for one year. In the use of talents, fully explore and give full play to the intellectual resources of employees, encourage employees to think boldly, be brave in creating and innovating, find opportunities for improvement in the spark of wisdom, improve the efficiency and efficiency of work, and provide everyone with the ability to exert their personal abilities. Space, achieving self-worth.