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Guangxi Wanshan Spice Co., Ltd. has a high-level management, scientific research and technical team. It has 180 employees and 12 management staff. It has a high level of management and continuous innovation. It is engaged in technical research and development. There are nearly 20 people in the company, including 10 middle and senior technical titles. The scientific and technical personnel above junior colleges account for 38% of the total number of employees. They mainly undertake technical research on new products and existing products and the formulation of product quality standards. More than 30 production personnel People, all skilled workers, are mainly responsible for the production of the company's products; sales staff of six people.


The company regards human resource planning as the basis of human resource management. According to the needs of enterprise development and the guidance of enterprise development strategy, it formulates talent allocation plan, use plan, training development plan, performance and salary and welfare plan, etc., to create a good environment for talent development. To mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees to provide a guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprises. Among them: the talent allocation plan is based on the distribution of personnel in different positions, departments and work types in the medium and long term; the talent use plan is carried out on the promotion policy of the employees, the promotion time, the position of the rotation work, the personnel situation and the rotation time. Planning; training development plan for general employees' business training, backbone training and further study; performance and compensation and benefit plan for individual and department performance standards, measurement methods, salary structure, total salary, salary relationship, benefits, and performance and compensation The correspondence is planned.