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The company's core set of technical quality R & D department, under the central laboratory.  Existing research and development staff of 32, 24.8% of the total number, including 2 senior, intermediate grade 5, a complete range of professional, with strong technical force, rich in technology innovation and strong development experience capacity. 
 The company has research laboratories and pilot plants, can be conventional extraction, purification, concentration, drying, distillation, can be synthesized with high-pressure reaction reactor.  Corporate research and development of sound management system, set up a company Science and Technology Committee, responsible for organizing, feasibility studies, preparation, review the company technological development, innovation and technology development plans and annual, innovative projects, responsible for product development projects of the project review, evaluation, appraisal and reward work.  Develop and implement "technology management charter", "scientific and technological progress awards regulations", "R & D personnel working management approach", "R & D cost accounting" and so a number of management systems, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of researchers and creativity, and ensure the company R & D innovation and technological progress and the strengthening and enhancement. 
 Useful for testing the company's advanced testing equipment to ensure the quality of manufactured products: 
 Agilent 6890N GC detector 
 ● 6890 Series gas chromatography system is the world's first set of pressure and flow of a full electronic pneumatics control (EPC) for gas chromatography, also has improved features and a high degree of automation. 
 ● The new fourth-generation modular 13th Road EPC control, digital set all gas parameters, flow and pressure accuracy and stability, the pressure accuracy 0.01psi, retention time and peak area highly repetitive. 
 ● through different methods, to take a different means, while the original spectra obtained with the same resolution and speed 2-10 times faster results with unparalleled efficiency. 
 ● detection accuracy. 
 ● programmed temperature vaporizing inlet (PTV) performance, can achieve multiple injection, large volume injection is conducive to the sensitive detection of trace components. 
 ● All parameters from the keyboard, without manual operation.  Excellent automatic valve control, when the kinds of programming.  Detection of digital technology operations. 
 ● Built-in automatic recording function to run bias, record analysis method of setting the value of all deviations.  All GC parameters and data files can be saved as a separate protection.  Non-editable format to ensure the integrity and ensure to meet the law.