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male lilac

Clove roseberry is a plant in the family Myrtaceae and the genus Rosemine. Evergreen tree, up to 10 m. Leaves opposite, ovate-oblong or obovate, apex acuminate, base gradually narrowing and extending down to the stalk. Flowers fragrant, in terminal thyrses; calyx thick, green to purple, long tubular, apex 4-lobed; petals white with lavender; stamens numerous; ovary inferior; stigma inconspicuous. Berries reddish brown. Native to Indonesia, it has been introduced to tropical regions around the world.

Pepper Segments

Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) is an annual herbaceous plant of the genus Capsicum in the family Solanaceae. Its root system is underdeveloped and its stem is erect; the leaves are alternate, oval, and smooth; the flowers are solitary or clustered, mostly white; the fruit surface is smooth Or wrinkled, with luster; fruit is oblate, spherical, conical or linear; "New Edition of the Essence of Diet" records that "pepper is also known as pepper because the stem is like eggplant and the taste is extremely spicy."

Black pepper

Black pepper, a perennial woody vine of the genus Piper in the family Piperaceae. The stem of black pepper is rattan-shaped, multi-noded, and the nodes are swollen; the leaves are alternate, leathery, broadly ovate, with pointed apex, and the entire edge of the leaf; the leaves are dark green and the bottom is green; spikes grow on the stem nodes , no perianth, short filaments; the berries are spherical and dense, green when young, reddish green when ripe; black pepper flowering period from April to October; fruiting period from October to April of the following year.

Tobacco osmanthus

Smoked cinnamon is a kind of cinnamon. Smoked cinnamon is cinnamon with green bark removed. The price is more expensive than ordinary cinnamon, and the quality is better. In the common brine package, the smoked osmanthus plays the role of fragrance and front fragrance, which will not cover the fragrance of the meat, and is very harmonious with the fragrance of the meat.