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“Flavour free” does not mean safer

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Like “preservative-free”, “fragrance-containing” has often been favored in recent years for products with “no added” as the main marketing slogan. The fragrances in skin care products are natural and chemically synthesized. The reason why the manufacturers of skin care products add spices to the skin care products is to cover up the odor of the skin care products, and on the other hand, to attract people's desire to purchase through a certain fragrance.


When people try skin care products on the counter, the first action will subconsciously smell the smell. Imagine a bottle of very unpleasant skin care products, even if the effect is good, the process of daily application is difficult to talk about pleasure. This is why skin care products manufacturers also carefully design the fragrance of skin care products.


The reason why some pharmacy channels do not add fragrance to skin care products, mainly for sensitive skin that may be allergic to spices. For normal skin, the fragrance does not affect the skin. Conversely, the aromas of some spices can also have a soothing or invigorating effect, which indirectly serves as an auxiliary.


Nowadays, some “non-fragrance” skin care products on the market also have a certain fragrance. These fragrances are often the botanical ingredients contained in them or the flavor of the added essential oils. However, this does not mean that such products will be safer, as certain plant extracts or essential oils may also be sensitive to sensitive skin.