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Congratulations on the successful passing of the intellectual property management system certification

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On May 25, 2017, after several years of efforts by various departments, our company successfully passed the IPR management system audit of Beijing Zhongzheng Certification Co., Ltd. and obtained the initial certification.


During the two-day audit, the IPR management audit experts focused on reviewing the company's comprehensive department, purchase and sales through document review, on-site audit, random sampling, communication and other methods, in strict accordance with GB/T29490-2013 relevant standards and laws and regulations. Ministry, Finance Department, Quality Department, R&D Center and Intellectual Property Office, the expert group fully affirmed the company's efforts in the management of intellectual property rights, software and hardware configuration, and the mental outlook of employees.


This certification is an inspection of the company's intellectual property management and maintenance, the company will strictly follow the standard requirements, further shaping the company's brand image and brand advantage.

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