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Star anise: the best companion for meat

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Love the meat, and the people who love the stew, this octagonal is so cute for us.


The octagonal, each corner is slightly split, with a shiny seed inside. A slightly curved petiole, take a closer look, in fact, it is perfect. It has a strong aroma, of course you can't eat it directly, but if you add one or two in a pot of meat, remove the suffocation of the meat, its aroma can be exuded by the meat, and you can't wait to think. To open the lid, take a bite.


Star anise, also known as fennel, star anise, aniseed and anise. It can be used as a seasoning and can also be used as a medicine. It has strong aroma, deworming, warming and qi, strengthening stomach and vomiting, chilling, and exciting nerves. In addition to seasonings, the anise can also be used as a raw material for perfumes, toothpastes, soaps, cosmetics, etc., and can also be used in medicine as a wind-driven agent and stimulant. Its temperature is warm, the taste is pungent, and it has the effect of warming and dispelling cold, regulating qi and relieving pain. For the treatment of cold and vomiting, cold and abdominal pain, kidney deficiency, low back pain, dry, wet beriberi embolism.


Should be: stomach cold hiccups, cold and abdominal pain, diarrhea, cold pain, small intestines and sputum should be eaten; kidney deficiency, low back pain should be eaten; athlete's foot should be eaten.


Avoid: Yin Huowang people do not eat; eye disease patients do not eat; dry syndrome, diabetes, menopausal syndrome, active tuberculosis are not eaten; stomach heat constipation are not eaten.