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The project "Preparing raspberry ketone with octagonal as raw material" successfully passed the acceptance and obtained the certificate.

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On February 17, the Science and Technology Department of the Autonomous Region organized experts to inspect and accept the project “Preparing raspberry ketone with octagonal as raw material” for the SME Technology Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology undertaken by the company in Nanning. The acceptance experts reviewed the project acceptance materials, listened to the implementation report of the project undertaker, and questioned the relevant issues. Experts believe that the project acceptance materials are complete and complete, and meet the acceptance requirements; the project has completed the various assessment indicators agreed in the contract and agreed to pass the acceptance.


Raspberry ketone is the main aroma component of raspberry fruit aroma. It is usually used as a deodorant in fruity flavors. It is widely used in daily fragrances such as jasmine and tuberose. It is mostly used in strawberry and pineapple in flavors. Peach, plum and other spices. It is used in medicine for Ranke-polyamine (Lectamine) intermediates and the like. “Anchor Point” is a free-funded project of the Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology, which is undertaken by our company. The project implementation period is from October 2013 to October 2015. The project uses natural octagonal fruit and octagonal leaves as raw materials, and uses its own patented technology “a new method for synthesizing raspberry ketone from natural equivalents of anisaldehyde”, which adopts a new process route for the first time in China. A standard raspberry ketone.


During the implementation of the project, one natural raspberry ketone production line with an annual output of 20 tons was built; 4 patents were applied, including 3 invention patents; 2 invention patents were granted; and 1 industry standard was drafted. The yield of raspberry ketone of the project is 60.35%. The purity is tested by the Analysis and Testing Center of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, reaching 99.7%. The yield and purity are the highest in China.


Relying on the implementation of the project, our company actively carries out the cooperation of industry, university and research to promote the creation of technological innovation. Since 2014, the company has won the fourth batch of Guangxi innovative enterprises, the third batch of autonomous region intellectual property advantage enterprise cultivation units, Guangxi enterprise technology center, autonomous region production and research integration enterprise, the third batch of Guangxi outstanding private innovation enterprises and Qinzhou City Key Laboratory Certification. In December 2015, the project's invention patent “a new method for synthesizing raspberry ketone from natural equivalents of anisaldehyde” won the gold medal of the 5th Guangxi Invention and Creation Exhibition Trade Fair, and became the company's “Separation and Separation from the Octagon The method of shikimic acid was awarded the second Guangxi Invention Patent Gold Award after winning the gold medal of the 2nd Guangxi Invention and Creation Exhibition.

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On January 9th, the acceptance experts went to our company to conduct on-site verification.



February 17th, Nanning City Project Conference Acceptance Site


Received a certificate in June 2017