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General analysis of spices in mid-June

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Just after the summer solstice, the weather in the south is very hot, the supply of spices in the market is slow, and most of the varieties are still sluggish.


Star anise, the demand is still not strong in this period, the market has no obvious changes, the current market price of hot fruit, sulphur fruit general goods price of 390-400 / pieces, quality goods 420-430 yuan / piece, dry branch system 240-250 yuan / pieces, the supply of spring fruit has been small. The unfavorable factors such as the recovery of production, abundant stocks, extensive production areas, and two or even three seasons per year have contributed to the continued sluggish market. However, according to the fact that most of the producing areas reflect the low rate of red fruits, this has caused some people’s attention. The market outlook deserves to be further understood.


Yiren, the big goods in this period are not moving fast, with normal demand, small transactions, the price has dropped slightly, the current market price is 59-60 yuan. The output of this product is relatively large this year. However, the price has rebounded rapidly afterwards. From this point of view, the confidence of the big households is still sufficient, but the IQ, which has little demand, plus high prices, weaker demand in the off-season, and more followers Be cautious, it is expected that the pressure on the market outlook will be too large, and the downward trend will be more exposed.


Pepper, the current white pepper, is producing new products, new products are listed one after another, but the new product output this year is still unclear, the market is still stable, the current market price is about 60 yuan; black pepper, low season demand is not strong, the market is relatively In the last period, it was stable and there was a drop in the market price of 39-40 yuan. The variety has been a good market for more than two years. The farmers in the main producing areas have expanded their planting area and actively managed. The production will gradually keep up. With the large number of new domestic products, it is expected that the market outlook will be adjusted by the impact of new sources. However, due to the lack of inventory of goods, it is estimated that the price decline is not large.


Hey, it is a small variety of spices that are not used in large quantities and have a small yield. However, the performance in this period is not bad, and there is a constant supply of goods. The price has risen steadily. The current market price is 68-69 yuan, which is 6-year higher than the previous period. 7 yuan, Hainan is stable at 31-32 yuan. The product is prolific in foreign countries, resources are decreasing year by year, production is declining, stocks are also digested in large numbers, and the number of operators optimistic about the market is increasing.


Grass fruit, this period coincides with the off-season of sales, large goods move late, the price also has a downward trend, the current market price of goods 40 yuan up and down. There are still some times when the product is out of production, and there is a reduction in production. The sellers are still reluctant to sell, but there are still many sources of goods for sale in the hands of the merchants, and they are worthy of the off-season. It is expected that there will be pressure for further price increases in the later period.


Overall analysis, in addition to the higher attention of these varieties, other low-priced varieties such as white soybean meal, dried ginger, hawthorn, cinnamon are also more concerned with the audience, but the off-season continues, supply and demand are more balanced, spices The overall market is still in a weak position.

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