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Autonomous regional experts match our company (Figure)

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On April 15, the deputy director of Guangxi Technology Market, Wang Zhibin, led 6 experts to know about the company's technical needs. The director of the Agricultural Science and Technology Institute of Qinzhou City accompanied the director of agriculture.



Experts talk with our company
(Image reprinted from Guangxi Science and Technology Information Network)
Experts first observed the fennel oil, anisaldehyde, and shikimic acid production line (workshop). In the following talks, the experts learned that our company has established a cooperative relationship with the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, the Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry, and the Guangxi Academy of Forestry, and is implementing the "Star anise extract (shikimic acid). Technology research projects such as "Research on Production Technology", "Study on Synthetic Technology of Octagonal Planting and Anisaldehyde", and the urgent need for talents in process equipment technology, immediately recommended experts in the region to master the "anisaldehyde" process technology.
Mr. Yang introduced the production situation to the experts
(Image reprinted from Guangxi Science and Technology Information Network)
Experts' trips brought project support information, established relevant communication channels for our company, and proposed suggestions for the long-term development of our company: we should declare high-tech enterprises for follow-up support, and seek professional talents from higher education institutions. Carry out technical reserves.