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“Wanshan Spice” was selected as a key innovation enterprise in Guangxi

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The author learned from the Notice on Accelerating the Implementation of 100 Innovative Enterprises issued by the General Office of the Autonomous Region Government that Wanshan Spice Co., Ltd., which is under the jurisdiction of Lingshan, has been listed as an innovative enterprise in the key construction of the autonomous region. Identification stage.


A total of 119 innovative enterprises with key constructions were identified in the autonomous region. Four of them were selected in Qinzhou City, and one of them was recognized. These enterprises will focus on strengthening R&D capacity investment, improving technology innovation platform, improving innovation input mechanism, promoting innovation product growth, cultivating R&D innovation team, and perfecting innovation management system.


Since Qinzhou Bajiao Deep Processing Technology Research Center, Guangxi innovative pilot enterprises, and even national high-tech enterprises have settled in Wanshan Spices Co., Ltd., the company has gradually formed an independent innovation system and gradually acquired independent intellectual property products (technical). The company independently developed natural raspberry ketone with anise oil as the starting material; conducted 3 new product pilot tests; 5 patents have been granted, and 8 invention patents have been applied.