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Lingshan two enterprises were identified as the first batch of Qinzhou intellectual property work pilot units (reproduced)

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On October 15, Qinzhou City identified five first pilot units for intellectual property work, and the pilot work lasted for two years. Yufeng Health Food Factory and Guangxi Wanshan Spices Co., Ltd., which are under the jurisdiction of Lingshan County, are among them.


It is understood that the science and technology management department will actively explore new mechanisms for the organic integration of patent management work with R&D, production and operation of enterprise units through the pilot work of intellectual property rights, and improve the ability of enterprise intellectual property creation, management, protection and application.


It is reported that Lingshan County Yufeng Food and Wanshan Spices will use the grassland food processing and octagonal medicinal research and development to maximize the use of the available space provided by intellectual property rights and intellectual property systems, and carry out technological innovation of enterprises, thereby enhancing enterprises. Market competitiveness.