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EU Food Safety Authority issues guidance on food and spices

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EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has issued guidance on the data needed to evaluate new food flavors and hopes to gain more experience through the assessment to determine a list of positive spices.


The EFSA EU has recently re-evaluated the fragrances used in the EU to 2,800. In addition, EFSA requires testing of 530 other substances, including those that have been tested by FAO (FAO) and WHO (World Health Organization). A list of all required fragrance substances must be approved by the end of 2010 and included in the new Spice Regulations 334/2008 adopted in 2008.


The introduction of new food flavors requires the adoption of a risk assessment process and the provision of data for the expert panel. The required data includes:


1. Verification of raw materials


2. Manufacturing method


3. Specifications


4. Food intake assessment


5. Toxicological data


One of the main changes is that there must be new and more detailed labels for natural flavors. Requirements such as natural or artificial fragrances must be displayed on the label. The goal of the new rules is to promote the effective functioning of the domestic market and to give consumers better protection.