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27 foods must not be added flavors and fragrances. Moon cakes will be subject to the first round of inspection.

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In the midsummer summer, people who entered and exited the Hangzhou supermarket had already smelled the moon cake.

Recently, a media outlet in Chongqing broke the news that “there is no mold change for two years.” The news that the American burger and fries that were rumored in the previous period were still intact after one year, triggered a hot discussion on food preservatives. . Coincidentally, since June 20th, the new national version of the "Food Additives Use Standards" has been officially implemented, and it has also given people more attention to the moon cakes that will be listed in large quantities.

Tube-shaped moon cake middle-aged favorite

There are still more than two months from the Mid-Autumn Festival. The reporter found that the tube-packed moon cake, which was the "first march" of the moon cake war, has been quietly put on shelves. Yesterday, the reporter went to Lianhua Supermarket in Liushuiyuan, Shaoxing Road. As soon as you entered the door, you will see a lot of tube-shaped moon cakes stacked on the right side of the booth. The tastes include salt and pepper, ham, sesame, rose, and 100 fruit. Each tube has a price of 16 yuan to 20 yuan. Compared to the past, the taste of moon cakes has not changed much, but the price has increased slightly.

The reporter picked up a few moon cakes and looked at the packaging. The production date indicated was July, and the shelf life was about 30 days. In the ingredient list, there are: wheat flour, vegetable oil, white sugar, lard, salt, food additive (dehydroacetate). When asked about the impact of the new food additive standards on mooncake production, the salesperson said it was not clear. According to the reporter's observation, there are quite a lot of customers who buy such tube-packed moon cakes, mainly for middle-aged and elderly people.

The manufacturer has produced according to the new standard

The new edition of the Standards for the Use of Food Additives covers 16 categories of foods and 23 functional categories. Additives not listed on the new standard mean that they cannot be used. The reporter found in the "Standards for the Use of Food Additives" that the sodium dehydroacetate marked on the moon cake is a preservative, and the maximum use amount in cakes and baked goods is 0.5 g/kg.

“The food additives used in moon cakes are mainly used for preservation. The shelf life of moon cakes is basically within two months.” The person in charge of Hangzhou Limin Food Factory told reporters that some additives are added because of the process needs. Mooncakes can't be colored without sodium carbonate."

There are dozens of food additives currently allowed to be added to mooncakes. For the implementation of the new edition of the "Standards for the Use of Food Additives", all food manufacturers have stated that they "must be implemented according to national regulations." Manufacturers have re-examined the mooncake production line, and then adjusted the ratio of raw materials according to the standard.

“It is generally necessary to start mooncake production in the middle and late of this month, and it will not be more than two months until the Mid-Autumn Festival. By convention, mooncakes will be recycled after the Mid-Autumn Festival.” Limin Food Factory “Wuweihe” Mooncake Technician Introduction.

Mooncake price increases from one to two percent

The use of additives can make the sale of moon cakes better. After the implementation of the new standard, the use of additives is less, and the selling of moon cakes may not be as beautiful as in the past. However, the authenticity of raw stuffing is the key to winning market reputation.

The feedback that reporters got from Hangcheng moon cake manufacturers yesterday is that due to the increase in raw materials and costs, the price increase of moon cakes this year is a foregone conclusion.

“The cost of light raw materials has generally increased by 10%-15%, and the labor cost has also increased.” Limin Food related person has roughly calculated the account to reporters. This year, sugar has risen from 5,000 yuan per ton to 7,000 yuan. The price of lard has increased by about 40%. Lotus seeds, the most important raw material for Cantonese moon cakes, have risen nearly half this year.

Although Yuanzu Food has not officially produced moon cakes, it has a product catalogue for customers to choose to order. According to marketers, this month's moon cake is estimated to rise by nearly 20%. Zhiwei Guan, Cai Zhizhai said that the price of moon cakes listed this year will increase by 5%-10%.

27 foods must not be added flavors and fragrances

The new edition of "Food Additives Use Standards" includes 2,314 varieties of food additives, food processing aids, gum bases and food flavors, covering 16 categories of foods and 23 functional categories.

The new edition of the Standards for the Use of Food Additives further enhances the scientific and practical standards. Among them, the food additives and processing aids that are no longer used, which are not necessary for the production process, such as benzoyl peroxide, calcium oxychloride, formaldehyde, etc., are deleted; the principles of use of food additives are clearly defined, and the use of food additives is specified. Do not cover up food spoilage, do not cover up the food itself or the quality defects in the processing process, and do not use it for the purpose of doping, adulteration or forgery; increase the use of flavors for food and processing aids for food industry; The classification of food flavors and the list of processing aids for the food industry were adjusted.

Among them, in particular, the scope of use of flavors and fragrances is clearly defined, and pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, fermented milk, cream, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, fresh edible fungi and algae, raw grains, rice, wheat flour are clearly defined. 27 kinds of foods such as fresh meat, fresh aquatic products, fresh eggs, sugar, honey, salt and salt substitutes, infant formula foods within 6 months, drinking natural mineral water, etc. shall not be added with any edible flavors and fragrances.