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How to identify the sulphur-smoked star anise

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Many unscrupulous merchants in the market are smouldering, using sulfur to smoke the star anise. It is not known that sulfur is toxic, and even contains a small amount of heavy metals, which will affect the human respiratory system and the digestive system. Long-term consumption can cause chronic poisoning.


How to distinguish the sulphur-smelted octagonal? There are mainly the following methods.


1. Look at the color The normal processed octagonal hot fruit is light brown red or dark red, and the sulphur fumigation octagonal color is bright.


2. Smell the smell Sulphur fruit will smell a pungent smell, even a sour taste, the normal star anise is full of fragrance.


3. Look at the weight and dryness. Generally, the sulphur fruit has a large moisture content, and the weight is heavier than the normal octagonal. It is relatively moist, and the pinch is slightly softer.


The sulphur octagonal is placed for a long time, and it is not easy to be mildewed and deteriorated. The sulphur above the octagonal is not easy to remove even if it is soaked and washed. The public should pay attention to multi-party identification.