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The purchase of octagonal and the identification of advantages and disadvantages

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The star anise is also known as an anise or anise. The fruits of different plants of the same genus of the star anise are collectively referred to as pseudo-octagonal. False star anise contains toxic substances that can cause poisoning after consumption. Common fake star anise has red fennel, maple husk and big octagonal.


True anise (star anise): often composed of eight green fruit, the fruit is light brown or reddish brown. The whole peel is thick, and the front end of the single-petal fruit is straight and round or blunt.


Red fennel: composed of 7-8 pieces of green fruit. The whole fruit is small and thin, reddish brown or reddish brown. The single petal fruit is pointed at the tip and curved upwards; the smell is weak and special, and the taste is sour and slightly sweet.