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Fennel extract or become the new favorite of anti-aging

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1.Manufacturing collagen


The often neglected collagen group can make your skin bounce back quickly after being pressed, which is also an important expression of skin firmness. Unfortunately, when we almost reached puberty, our skin stopped making collagen. But the good news is that scientists have developed a way to make it - by extracting retinoids from fennel. They are one of the very few ingredients that dermatologists agree with after careful research.


2. Pay attention to the eye skin


Sunglasses can definitely help protect your skin from UV damage, but dermatologists also recommend applying a retinoid around the eyes at night, or using a regular vitamin A lotion that is diluted with normal moisturizers. Then apply an essential eye cream every morning. According to dermatologist Leslie Bowman of Miami Beach, an eye cream rich in essential ingredients can increase the amount of elastin in the eye.


3. Fight against free radicals


Antioxidants are a major contributor to skin care, protecting the skin from the bad elements of the environment – ​​we call it free radicals, which break down the effects of elastin and collagen. Every morning, you can use a product that contains an antioxidant mixture to care for your skin. New York City dermatologist Howard Sobel said: "When they are put together, they will have the best results."


4. Reduce dullness


It is widely believed that wrinkles are the cause of the skin looking no longer young, and wrinkles are notorious. But in fact, according to research, pigmentation is the more important reason for aging skin - it can make people look 10 to 15 years older than the actual age. The most effective over-the-counter method is to use an emulsion that contains both skin whitening lotion and scrub. Apply them evenly over the entire face (not just in the dull areas), and with the daily sunscreen, you can see the dullness of your face gradually diminish within three months.


5. Make full use of moisturizer


I bet you never know this little secret about moisturizers - they protect the skin from free radical damage. Frederick Brandt, a dermatologist at the Coral Pavilion in New York City and Florida, said: "Dry skin can cause oxidative stress that produces free radicals. Without moisture, your skin can't repair itself and it can get More damage." You need to use the right product: cholesterol, ceramide, essential fatty acids, nicotinamide are among the best ingredients.


6. Relax the neck


Sweating, panting, and even snoring while exercising! But don't overuse your neck! Brandt said: "I often see women doing this while jogging, which will destroy the muscles of your face."


7. Eat skin care food


New research shows that the lack of essential nutrients for the skin, such as vitamin C and zinc, slows the ability of the skin to repair itself. To keep your skin young, you can eat fatty fish (such as squid), green leafy vegetables (such as broccoli), almonds, and walnuts. Drink more green tea because it contains a lot of antioxidants.


8. Don't smoke


Don't worry about letting you quit smoking, we only show the truth. Brandt said: "Smoking kills collagen and elastin and lowers estrogen levels, but estrogen is a very important factor in keeping skin firm.